Birmingham City Football Academy is committed to ensuring excellence within its education provision across all the development phases and supports the vision of the Academy to recruit and develop players, staff and parents who have an enthusiasm towards learning and development. In addition, the education programs have an important part to play in producing well-rounded, well-educated and respectful individuals capable of pursuing a successful non-playing career whether within or outside of the football industry through a holistic approach.

The promotion of education within the elite sporting environment is vital and through the use of proactive staff and an on-site teaching facility, it is our aim to provide an integrated education and coaching program within each of the development phases where applicable. For our youngest students, a clear communication pathway is created with their school and key stakeholders in the players’ education to ensure that the demands placed upon them from both organisations are managed effectively. This strong communication process continues throughout a player’s registration and as players reach the end of the Youth Development Phase such positive links will support the access the core coaching time requires. During a player’s time as a schoolboy he will be supported and mentored by technical and education staff alike ensuring he achieves his maximum potential.

Players entering the full-time education model post 16 years of age, enjoy the very best in education provision provided by an in-house tuition team. The education program is integrated into the coaching schedule ensuring that the working relationship between both aspects is balanced effectively. The two-year ‘Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence’ course is fundamental to a player’s progression and every effort is made to ensure players exit with the highest grade and greatest chance of moving forward.


The Education and Player Care department will deal with the following issues:

  • Ensuring clear communication between players, the Academy, parents and schools
  • Organsing the school release programme
  • Facilitating the delivery of in-house full-time education for players over the age of 16
  • Delivering a comprehensive 'life skills' programme to all scholars
  • Promoting an open and free-to-talk environment for players and staff regardless of age

To see the Football League Charter for Academy Players and Parents please click on the following link:


To contact a member of the Education department or our Safeguarding Manager, please visit the 'Contact Us' page.